Friday, June 11, 2010

{It's Good to be Back after my Sister's Visit...}

My sister has been visiting and we have been
hiking, shopping, making art journals, antiquing, shopping, relaxing, shopping, eating,
painting, visiting, enjoying morning lattes outdoors, cleaning and
rearranging my house, but alas no blogging :-(
First up:  In the Best finds category
my $2 table.  After a little removal of the
wood grain contact paper and painting
this became the lovely beauty above. It is still very shabby chic which the
photos don't show all that well. (can you see that faux
wood grain contact paper?)
And my sister found a pair of $10 cowgirl boots.
They were a perfect fit and all broken in.  As comfortable
as can be right from the start.
All they needed was a little clean up and polishing
My sister and I have such a great time when she comes to
visit.  She was here for nearly two weeks this time and
having her as a part of my day became the norm.  I hardly new what
to do with myself after she left.
But I'm slowly getting back to my old routine,
including blogging

Next up Hiking and Rock Climbing

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