Saturday, June 12, 2010

{Antiquing, Shopping, & Shopping, & more Shopping...}

Just a few of the treasures we found
1. and 2. a couple of pear pictures I got in a local antique shop.  I'm really into
pale yellow color and these were the perfect shade of yellows, grays and blues.
3. My sister and I both got these cute little wire bird cages.  We had thought about making some ourselves but then we spotted these two in the trees outside of a little shop in Old Town Glendale (OTG).
4. and 5. is a faux book I also found in OTG.  It opens like a box for storing more treasures.
6. Are some silk flowers we got to help freshen up my kitchen.
7. My new purse. Handmade and signed by the artist.  8. Flowerpot from OTG, again more yellows.
9. and 10.  We both bought this magnetic weekly calendars.  And it gave me away
to revive using the magnetic poem pieces from a few years back.
11. Linens and wooden bobbins. I'll use in my art journals.
12.  Even the bags were pretty from OTG.  13.  Lavender silk plant. 14. Pear picture and lavender plant in there new place in my kitchen.  15. and 16. A very old, did I say old dog my sister found in an
antique shop and repaired it's worn nose with the fur from the old bear she found in another antique shop.

Still to come:  art journals

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