Thursday, June 24, 2010

{Playing Hookie, SP and Sneak Peek...}

Is it really playing hookie if you officially took the day off?
Well it's a Thursday so I'm calling it playing hookie.
It just seems more fun.  And fun is important, especially for the soul
Working with self portraits.
Continuing with shades of yellows, grays and whites 
with the  possibility of adding a SP to my
art journal.
A seek peek at a few of the pages for my art journal.
I have already attached the spine and am thinking about
taking it out and making it wider.  Or maybe it would
be more fun to make another???  But maybe having a really fat one
would be even more fun!!!!   OK, where is that seam ripper?


Gabriela said...

I love it!!!!It's serene and beautiful.....

Becca said...

Hi Autumn, I love the SP it's beautiful and I think it would be a beautiful addition to your journal.