Saturday, February 5, 2011

{Eco ~ Erosion Bundle #1}...

Something I have been wanting to try are Eco or Erosion Bundles. You can learn more about
these  Bundles here
My bundle is a base of muslin fabric which I had soaked in
Blood Orange juice I squeezed last week.
On the muslin I then placed dried leaves, evergreen berries, eucalyptus from the store, (which I hope will
do something because I don't have easy access to fresh eucalyptus), I then sprinkled 
some dried herb tea and placed bits of misc fabrics that were laying on the counter. 
 I then placed another piece of un-dyed muslin on top to help
roll it up without the contents spilling out.
I am also a welding artist, so I had some
pieces of a rusty star, a heart and  swirly shapes left
behind from other projects which I placed on top
before rolling the whole thing up.
All tied up and ready to be buried.

While we get more precipitation in the form of rain or snow
here in the mountains of Arizona.  It's still not all had much.
And it seems like the process would need some moisture. So I decided to bury mine
Here it is in the moist ground where it will remain until April. 
I forgot about some large
berries I picked off the ground in town last fall to experiment with as a dye for fabrics
so I just dropped a few in the ground under the bundle and I few more on top
before covering the whole thing up with the dirt.

So now I wait till April when I will dig it up to see what Mother Nature
and I created.


Kris said...

Great ingredients for your bundle! Bet you get some fantastic results. Glad you joined in on the project.

Silke Scheller said...

sounds good. Hope you have success!

Katie said...

What a wonderful bundle. I am having so much seeing what everyone else is doing! soaking it in blood oranges...neat!

dosfishes said...

Terrific bundle. I wish I could have buried mine, but too frozen here. With all the organic materials, this should be fantastic. xox Corrine

Sarah said...

That looks like you will get some fascinating results. Cant wait until the reveal!

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