Sunday, June 26, 2011

{finally a light soft image}...

Using more images from the rose photos I took a couple weeks or so ago.
And I am so pleased that I finally was able to create an image
with a light soft feel to it.
 For some reason I have had a difficult time composing photos that are light and soft.  But persistence has paid off.  (It's the way with PSE).
And one with a bit more of a worn look to it.

{whitewash update}...

This is just a quick update on the dresser.  It was just too white
and too much on the gray side of white to blend in with my other
home furnishings so I yellowed it up a bit.  I used a real creamy color paint
that looks nothing like anything near a white in the store and then reapplied the
brown for depth and aging.
Below is the before, it's a subtle change but just enough to blend in with the room
and not stand out.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

{whitewash renewal}...

This is the finished result. 
 Scroll to the last photo and you will
see it's quite a change, especially
when you consider it's not solid wood. It's original finish was veneer.
I did 3 separate color coats, plus a chalky primer to help hold to the painted surface underneath.
The base layer was the bluish gray.
Then I did a light whitewash with the white.
It was pretty.  But I wanted something that looked old, worn, and more like wood. 
So I went back to the paint store and got a really dark black brown paint.
I then applied it using a dry brush method.  Following quickly by wiping it off with a damp rag to soften and remove most of the dark color.
 I didn't really know what I was doing but I like how it came out.  I have other pieces I want to whitewash so I used this piece to experiment on to develop a technique to use on the other real wood pieces.
The technique worked out well but I may want to make the brown paint either the first or second coat rather
than the last coat.
Sorry, I don't have any photos of the steps. I had to work very quickly. With 0% humidity and a temp of about 90 degrees the paint was drying within seconds not hours. This may actually have been beneficial.
Or, I simply adapted my method because of the weather conditions.
Either way it was painted, dry, cleaned up and done in no more than 2 or 3 hours.
 I may yet add another very light coat of the white to this piece.
But for now I really like how it came out.
Yep ~ this is the before.  It was giving to me, free about 20 years ago.
I painted over the really ugly veneer and I was never quite sure how well
that paint job would last.  But it held up and I expect the new paint job will too.
It was always a good storage piece.  But never really a pretty looking piece.
But now I think it is.  I'm really glad I kept it.

Monday, June 20, 2011

{just consider}...

What if the Hokey Pokey
really is what
it's all about?

I'm just saying ~ consider

Sunday, June 19, 2011

{watercolor flowers}...

Wow, that's a post title I never thought I'd make when I first started my blog.
Blogging can really help put things into perspective
and act as a chronicle to your changing's.  (I don't think that's a real word, but I'm using it anyway)
Your changing's
in style,
in media,
in your interests,
your focus,
your progress,
your triumphs,
your hopes and dreams realized,
and yet to come... 
YES You Can!
Well that said nothing about watercolor painting.
But it was fun and never the less it's ~ it.
Have a great Sunday ;-)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

{It's all about Hydrangea}...

I have a new Hydrangea bush in the garden, and along with watching
it grow outdoors I am taking lots of photos of it. 
Of course!
One reason to take photos is to play with them in PSE,
and a second reason is because when I planted the bush I planted it with all of the blooms
 facing to the back corner  so they aren't very visible from the house or yard.
But not to fret - there are plenty more blooms coming.
As I try all sorts of layers and blend modes different images appear as
if by magic.  I liked this one for reasons I can't even fully explain.  But it
has sort of an old worn look to it.  I may still add a bit of a frame around the edge
and call it printable. 

Above  I am using multiple png. files and masks.  (Hope that's all the right lingo).
Which needed a blank background layer first in order to create a solid printable image.
At least it did for this image using two masking layers.
Below a simpler version.  But oh, so lovely!

And a watercolor painting of the bloom.  (Now remember, I am a fiber artist, I can sew anything with confidence but painting not so - yet!
I have a few more watercolors of flowers which I will share in another post.
This painting was my least favorite so I used it to experiment with.  Including using a gel medium over it.
It works just fine and created a nice leathery feel and usability to it.
And once I stitched it to a black and white background it became one of my favorites.
It'll probably become a back cover to a journal.
And it all started from this one single photo.
Well, out to play in the garden some more. 
This time I have a new Peony bush to plant.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

{Tuesday Morning Musing's}...

a sense of awe
connection to the sacred
falls into breathless experience

Saturday, June 11, 2011


I got these hugh roses at a new local floral shop
The folks there are so nice and helpful.  The store has some really unique quality gift items as well.  (which I went back for the next day).  Anyway if you live local you should check it out. I went in to get some
Peonies but the color was not quite what I was hoping for - turns out it's a bit late in the season for them.
So they helped out by generously offering
three hugh pink roses instead. 
I took a bunch of photos (more to come later) including a couple for
another SP. 
It was early evening and the light inside was very low so I stood near the doorway to catch as much light as possible which created a backlight photo.  I was excited to work with it a bit so I took
just a few minutes this morning to see what I could come up with.  The backlight is my fave but while I
was at it I thought I would do the other at the same time.

But that's enough time inside.  It's great outside so I am off to play in the garden.

Till next time :-)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

{photo painting}...

Painting practice.
This time I painted over a canvas photo that was nice
but not very interesting.  So what better item to trying painting over ~
nothing to lose.
All in all I am pretty pleased with it.
And I am ready to try some more.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

{new finds}...

Went to Phoenix yesterday and took the opportunity to check out a shop
that Karen Valentine over at My Desert Cottage blogged about.
It's so great that she does this.  Phoenix is nearly a two hour drive
from me and I would never know about all these great places just trying
to drive around looking for them. 
  At Rust and Roses I picked up some old letter stamps with my initials and middle name
In a couple of different sizes.  (No, not that one - it's Joy)
As well as this old window frame.  I woke up last week and thought I want to
find an old frame just like this.  And voila!  I could not have found a
more perfect match to my imagination than this one.
I'm not sure what all I might do with it.  But, among other things, I think it
 makes a great prop for photo opts.
The morning lighting was too strong for much experimenting
but I had to give it a quick try with these tall beauties