Saturday, June 4, 2011

{new finds}...

Went to Phoenix yesterday and took the opportunity to check out a shop
that Karen Valentine over at My Desert Cottage blogged about.
It's so great that she does this.  Phoenix is nearly a two hour drive
from me and I would never know about all these great places just trying
to drive around looking for them. 
  At Rust and Roses I picked up some old letter stamps with my initials and middle name
In a couple of different sizes.  (No, not that one - it's Joy)
As well as this old window frame.  I woke up last week and thought I want to
find an old frame just like this.  And voila!  I could not have found a
more perfect match to my imagination than this one.
I'm not sure what all I might do with it.  But, among other things, I think it
 makes a great prop for photo opts.
The morning lighting was too strong for much experimenting
but I had to give it a quick try with these tall beauties


Karen Valentine said...

Hi Autumn!! I think you found some fabulous finds!!!! It's great fun to discover new shops don't you think??? Thank you so much for coming over and letting me know you went. It's nice to hear that my little blog is doing something nice for others. :)
Have a lovely weekend!

Becca said...

That window is beautiful and looks so interesting out in the garden. I have some of those printers blocks too, aren't they wonderful? I also found a small printer's tray that I keep some of my finds and embellishments in for my art projects.