Monday, May 30, 2011

{self portrait-sp}

New series of self portraits.
 I call this the feminine
I did a series of sp a couple of years ago.

And now that I have time to work on personal art projects
one item I want to explore is an art journal based on self portraits 
It can be difficult to take and accept pictures of yourself
and even more so to post them on a blog.  So not all of the sp that
I take may make it on to the blog.  We'll see.
I plan on using different themes to help. 
 Misty Mawn's sp inspired me a couple a years ago and she
again is my inspiration.  In her new book just out unfurling she discusses self portraits.
And I wonder who am I, what makes me tick, why do I like what I like, what
does my style tell about me, and on and on


Becca said...

I love this Autumn, and I love your feelings on this. I don't feel comfortable with this yet, but enjoy other artists journey with it. :-)

Are you curious about me? said...