Thursday, May 26, 2011

{for the beauty of it all}...

Gerba Daisys are so beautiful.  I've been doing a fair amount of PSEing with
all the wonderful spring time beauties.  These all show a single gerba daisy
all using a couple of textures layers and then making filter adjustments.
This one using Polerized
This one is Poster Edge
Just using an additional whitish layer and soft light
adding a  mask
and Watercolor
It's so exciting to be at a point with PSE that I can try using some of the other adjustments
to achieve amazing results.  So glad I kept up with it in the beginning when it took hours even days to
get anything worthwhile


Becca said...

I love all of these Autumn! I still love PSE9 too, but get caught up doing other art projects...oh where does the time go?

carole brungar said...

I love these gerbras, would make lovely cards. You inspire me to MAKE time to experiment with photoshop more!! Thank you :)