Saturday, October 30, 2010

{Art Journal part 3}...

Art Journal #3
This journal is sold but I wanted to show a different
type of cover.  Rather than being an original painting it is a
fabric printed copy of the original.
It comes out very nice.
And allows me to offer  two price ranges.
One for the original paintings and another for the copies.
I plan is to offer only a limited number of any print.
Say 5 to 10 and number them.
So this one would be 1/10
 I usually use light or bright colors.  Never really working with black or
navy blues.
Which is what I like best about this art journal.
 And the inside front and back covers.
These journals are all pictured without the inside blank pages.
Of course the finished journal includes paper pages
for your delight
Well lots to do before next Saturday.  And not all of it is art.
So off I go

{Art Journals part 2}...

Art Journal #2
The front cover has the original painting.
Colors include pales yellows, grays and teals.
 The back cover includes
a nice little "ruffle" at the bottom edge.
I love it's messy crunch.
It's taken me quite awhile to get comfortable
with doing messy stitching.  Having spent 40 years trying to sew
perfectly.  It's nice to know I can when I need to.
But I think this type of sewing is what makes these art journals so beautiful.
 And the inside front and back covers.
Including it's pocket
Also for sale at Saturday's Les Femmes show

{Art Journals}...

Journal #1
The front cover.
Has the original painting
I am really attracted to more subtle colors lately
and I don't think that's going to change any time soon.
So that's reflected in my current pieces.
The back cover
and the
 inside front cover
 And of course the inside back cover.
I like to include a pocket in each of my journals
making it easy to include special treasures.
This journal will be for sale at next Saturday's Les Femmes show

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

{ECHO} Week 24-Liquid...

{ECHO} Week 24 Liquid
What a great shot Marty got of these refreshing liquids
You can check out more about my partner, Marty's
photo on her blog here

 I choose water as my Liquid.  I LOVE WATER
I just love it.

I Love it in all forms.
I love it's feel
 as it's moves across my hand or down my body in the shower each morning, 
 how it feels as I fly across it on water skies,  and even better when I let go and fall into it.

I love it's smell 
whether from the ocean air or from the incoming rain storm.

I love it's sounds
the crashing waves or the rain on my roof as it lulls me to sleep
or fall down the side of a mountain

I love how it looks
with the twinkling light from the bright sun on it's shimmer surface
or as it ripples from a stone tossed into it and
the single beam of moon light laid out across it's entire length.

And I love playing in it.
Running in it, splashing it with my boot, dodging the rain drops trying not to get wet
and MOST of all I love swimming in it.

I love it as ice
 as it cools my drink in summer,
 I love skating on the frozen lake in winter,
 (that was, of course, when I lived in Michigan)  I even like scrapping it from my
windshield on cold winter mornings
and it's healing comfort of a swollen bruise.

I love it as vapor
in the clouds moving across the blue sky above me,
as mist across the mountains in the morning light

I love it as
icicles, and snowballs
in puddles and fountains
in hot tubs,
and as it's waves met the shore. 

And I love just sitting beside it

Friday, October 22, 2010

{Knitted Wrap and Nuno Felted Scarfs}...

Only 2 weekends left before Les Femmes des Montage
Art Show.  Our 6th annual!!!
Last weekend's projects included the completion for this lacy, wooly
wrap/scarf with a delicate crochet edge.
And 2 nuno felted scarfs. The first is this delicate
teal and black scarf.
This was the first time I made 2 nuno felted items in one day.
While it was great for inventory my body did feel
it a bit later.
But there came out soooooo beautiful.
I wonder if I will have time to make any more before the show?
But not this weekend.  This weekend
is devoted to art journals.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

{Hats, Hats, and More Hats}...

Finally time to post something new.
Between house guests, birthday's and spending time with friends
I haven't had much extra time.
Oh yea! and the fall Les Femmes show is in 3 weeks.
SO I'm busy creating items for the show.
These hats are my all time favorite to make
 There are endless combinations of yarns you can use.
This one is 3 strands of commercial yarns for the cap
and some handspun with a bit of are commercial novelty yarn for the earn flaps
 This cap is made from  handspun yarn from Erin48 over at Esty and some bulky wool
and ribbon yarns for the ear flaps
 Again this one has two strands of handspun which I got from Inspiration Fibers on Esty.  (You can see her yarns here ) with 3 strands of
commercial yarn  novelty yarn for texture on
the ear flaps.
I've also been doing some nuno felting and art journaling which I hope to post soon.
At least this isn't an Echo post

Saturday, October 9, 2010

(Echo) Week 23-Minimalist

Despite what the last 3 post's show (uugh) this is not an Echo only blog.
I just can't seem to find any time to post other things.
One reason  is that I am spending time in my garden.
Below is my entry for (Echo) Week 23-Minimalist
My front yard is graced each year with a lot of wild sunflowers that

the birds and I enjoy for many weeks.
But, alas the sunflowers are nearing their end with only
a few, or should I say Minimalist number of flowers
left on these huge plants. 
I tried to take a photo of them but the sun was shining so brightly
(I'm not complaining, I love the sun)
 it was tough to take a good photo of the whole plant with just it's one last flower
blooming among the dozens and
dozens of it's dried flower heads so
when I spotted this last bloom with only one petal left on it.


Above is my partner Marty's entry.  You can check out her

Friday, October 1, 2010

{Echo} Week 22 Sweet...

Sorry about 2 Echo post in a row but
I've been out of town for awhile on another road trip with my sister
and am just now getting my life back to normal.  What ever "normal" is.
My "Sweet" photo is on the right,
 a Cream Puff Hot Fudge Sundae,
and my partner's Marty is on the left.

I was born in Michigan and we had an old fashion ice cream
store called Sanders.  Michiganders will know how great there were.  I say were because
I don't think they have stores anymore.  But you can still get their hot fudge and even
their cream puffs through the mail. 
 But when I first moved to Arizona 26 years ago you couldn't.  So I had
to learn how to make my own cream puffs.
At first they were not as "good" as Sanders but over the years
I have grown to love them just as much.
I've changed the flavor of the ice cream from the original vanilla
to coffee.  And I really like that :-)

Back to regular posts soon.