Saturday, October 9, 2010

(Echo) Week 23-Minimalist

Despite what the last 3 post's show (uugh) this is not an Echo only blog.
I just can't seem to find any time to post other things.
One reason  is that I am spending time in my garden.
Below is my entry for (Echo) Week 23-Minimalist
My front yard is graced each year with a lot of wild sunflowers that

the birds and I enjoy for many weeks.
But, alas the sunflowers are nearing their end with only
a few, or should I say Minimalist number of flowers
left on these huge plants. 
I tried to take a photo of them but the sun was shining so brightly
(I'm not complaining, I love the sun)
 it was tough to take a good photo of the whole plant with just it's one last flower
blooming among the dozens and
dozens of it's dried flower heads so
when I spotted this last bloom with only one petal left on it.


Above is my partner Marty's entry.  You can check out her

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