Saturday, October 30, 2010

{Art Journal part 3}...

Art Journal #3
This journal is sold but I wanted to show a different
type of cover.  Rather than being an original painting it is a
fabric printed copy of the original.
It comes out very nice.
And allows me to offer  two price ranges.
One for the original paintings and another for the copies.
I plan is to offer only a limited number of any print.
Say 5 to 10 and number them.
So this one would be 1/10
 I usually use light or bright colors.  Never really working with black or
navy blues.
Which is what I like best about this art journal.
 And the inside front and back covers.
These journals are all pictured without the inside blank pages.
Of course the finished journal includes paper pages
for your delight
Well lots to do before next Saturday.  And not all of it is art.
So off I go

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Anonymous said...

Dearest Autumn...
these journals, and images...
I am loving them...everything
about them...blessings!