Friday, October 1, 2010

{Echo} Week 22 Sweet...

Sorry about 2 Echo post in a row but
I've been out of town for awhile on another road trip with my sister
and am just now getting my life back to normal.  What ever "normal" is.
My "Sweet" photo is on the right,
 a Cream Puff Hot Fudge Sundae,
and my partner's Marty is on the left.

I was born in Michigan and we had an old fashion ice cream
store called Sanders.  Michiganders will know how great there were.  I say were because
I don't think they have stores anymore.  But you can still get their hot fudge and even
their cream puffs through the mail. 
 But when I first moved to Arizona 26 years ago you couldn't.  So I had
to learn how to make my own cream puffs.
At first they were not as "good" as Sanders but over the years
I have grown to love them just as much.
I've changed the flavor of the ice cream from the original vanilla
to coffee.  And I really like that :-)

Back to regular posts soon.


nancy said...

i'm from windsor and my granmother used to work at tbq resturant and they(she) made best homemade cream puffs!!! with icecream and hot fudge and they where the size of a softball!!
thanks for the reminder

starseasons said...

Oh yes, these are softball size.