Saturday, October 16, 2010

{Hats, Hats, and More Hats}...

Finally time to post something new.
Between house guests, birthday's and spending time with friends
I haven't had much extra time.
Oh yea! and the fall Les Femmes show is in 3 weeks.
SO I'm busy creating items for the show.
These hats are my all time favorite to make
 There are endless combinations of yarns you can use.
This one is 3 strands of commercial yarns for the cap
and some handspun with a bit of are commercial novelty yarn for the earn flaps
 This cap is made from  handspun yarn from Erin48 over at Esty and some bulky wool
and ribbon yarns for the ear flaps
 Again this one has two strands of handspun which I got from Inspiration Fibers on Esty.  (You can see her yarns here ) with 3 strands of
commercial yarn  novelty yarn for texture on
the ear flaps.
I've also been doing some nuno felting and art journaling which I hope to post soon.
At least this isn't an Echo post

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