Tuesday, October 26, 2010

{ECHO} Week 24-Liquid...

{ECHO} Week 24 Liquid
What a great shot Marty got of these refreshing liquids
You can check out more about my partner, Marty's
photo on her blog here

 I choose water as my Liquid.  I LOVE WATER
I just love it.

I Love it in all forms.
I love it's feel
 as it's moves across my hand or down my body in the shower each morning, 
 how it feels as I fly across it on water skies,  and even better when I let go and fall into it.

I love it's smell 
whether from the ocean air or from the incoming rain storm.

I love it's sounds
the crashing waves or the rain on my roof as it lulls me to sleep
or fall down the side of a mountain

I love how it looks
with the twinkling light from the bright sun on it's shimmer surface
or as it ripples from a stone tossed into it and
the single beam of moon light laid out across it's entire length.

And I love playing in it.
Running in it, splashing it with my boot, dodging the rain drops trying not to get wet
and MOST of all I love swimming in it.

I love it as ice
 as it cools my drink in summer,
 I love skating on the frozen lake in winter,
 (that was, of course, when I lived in Michigan)  I even like scrapping it from my
windshield on cold winter mornings
and it's healing comfort of a swollen bruise.

I love it as vapor
in the clouds moving across the blue sky above me,
as mist across the mountains in the morning light

I love it as
icicles, and snowballs
in puddles and fountains
in hot tubs,
and as it's waves met the shore. 

And I love just sitting beside it


nancy said...

i love it too!!! ruled by it!
makes sence we are both water signs!!

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