Sunday, December 19, 2010

{Journey Toward Yourself Art Journal}...

Blank art journal cover finished.  I will be in the Mezzanine of  the Tis Gallery
for the entire month May.  So I hope to spend
as much time as possible creating pieces for that show.
I've decided to start with Art Journals.  It's hard for me to
switch between different types of art.  I am more focused and productive
when I am doing one thing at a time whether it's quilting, knitting, working in PSE or making specific
mixed media items like Art Journals.  I don't know why that is.  I can do multiple items of the same media at one time.  But switching between them is not easy.  So it's Art Journals for the next few weeks.
The first is an original face painting I did a month or so ago.
Her hair didn't come out as well as I was wanting but through the magic of
layers I now really love her hair.
The inside front cover has a sheer-ish pocket.  Something I always like to include.
And the book title theme ~ Journey Toward Yourself
The inside back cover.
Includes a new stamped background fabric.  I will be using
this in a lot more of my journals.  It's pretty neutral and I think it will be easy to
use as a base for almost anything.
And the outside back cover.
I want to include more thread stitching motifs.
Trees seem like a good subject as they can easily
be done freehand and have endless possibilities for styles and shapes.
I will leave the inside pages blank for the new owner to complete.

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