Friday, December 31, 2010

{Art Journal #2 Let Your Beauty Sing}...

I've completed the covers of Let your Beauty Sing Art Journal.
This is the back cover.  I just love this new stamp I got.
I will be using it a lot.  It's a bit fussy though
not always coming out very clear on fabric.
 And the completed front cover.
 Below the inside front and back covers.
I still need to add  the signatures but will add them all
at the same time when all of the journal covers are completed.
      Another new stamp.  And still not happy with how they are stamping onto fabric.
Perhaps if I used paint rather than ink they may work better.  But that's for another time.
So, in the meantime I decided to stamp on paper and then using gel medium
turn it into a "leathery" type surface to stitch onto.
I like how it came out.
  Below yet another stamp which I colored in with colored pencils.
Then I quick stitched frame and Ta Da!   It's beautiful.
Ready to be completed by it's new owner.

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Becca said...

Your work is so beautiful Autumn! I am so inspired whenever I visit here, and it makes me want to try to create something this lovely. I love that stamp too!