Saturday, January 1, 2011

{2011 Word}...

My word for the New Year  is 
 2010 was the first year I chose a word, as my resolution, for the year. 
As I looked back on 2010 and my word which was Expect. 
I was amazed and blown away by it. 
 My intention (see original post here) was of
expecting more,  
more good,
more blessings,
more happiness,
 to be able,
to Expect anything.
At the beginning of 2010 I would never have thought I would be able to
replace my old worn out carpet, or get a new tile kitchen counter top,
or have a lower house payment to boot,
but I did.
I didn't think I would be doing my own art show,
but I am, in May 2011 at the Tis Gallery.
I never expected to take a trip, but my Sister and I did,
to Colorado.
And that is just at the material level.
I have also experienced more, deeper and meaningful
levels of personal growth.
And at the same time I realized how surprised I was at my level of disbelief. 
So for 2011 it's BELIEVE.

Believe in Love of God,
Believe in Oneness,
Believe in the beauty of life,
Believe in still greater good,
Believe in the perfection of the world,
Believe that all things are possible with God,
Believe in happiness,
Believe in abundance,
Believe that everything will work out for the good,
Believe I can overcome any obstacle,
Believe in the abilities of my family,  
Believe in Myself,
Believe in...

Happy New Year to you All

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