Friday, January 28, 2011

{5 + 1 Art Journals Complete}...

The 5th blank Art Journal is finished.  And 1 completed Sheer Fabric Art Journal.
I will be taking the Sheer Art Journal to the Tis Gallery today. For the
The others will be for the month of May Show at Tis.
 This is the 5th journal.  It is a fabric printed copy of an original painting.
I still need to add the pages for journaling.
 the inside front cover is a napkin which I have use gel medium
to adhere to fabric.  I also plan to scan the napkin and print on fabric
for other projects.  But it came out very nice like this.
Below is the inside back cover with a nuno felted pocket

And the outside back cover.
I am really becoming comfortable with loose threads.
Although I still seal the raw edge to prevent too much ravelling


Cameron said...

Love these!

CathyH said...

Very pretty!

Katie said...

I love doing fabric journals. yours are so pretty and unique.