Sunday, June 28, 2009

Nuno Felting

New shawl -
I like the design and will probably make more for the Les Femmes show and Studio tour this fall.
This one is for 'Tis
I can be wore numerous ways
It is perfect for summer time .
I just love these flowers. They really make the shawl very feminine

Knitting progress

Inching my way along. But-
I have sold 3 pieces at 'Tis and they need something else. Sooo - I am going to do some wearable felting. I'll post what develops

What didn't work in Photoshop

This is what didn't work yesterday. Yet is was still there when I opened PS this morning.
I can appreciated parts of it today. Unlike yesterday when it just wouldn't do what I was trying to make it do.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Spending time in Photoshop

Spent half a day playing-not sure I was having all that much fun trying to learn Photoshop "stuff"
I think I have all of this I can stand for one day. I do like how this came out. None of it is what I was trying to learn but needed to show something for my efforts. I have printed it on photo paper and fabric and will be able to use in journaling or quilting.
Its interesting the colors... sort of purple and green. I never touched the color palette and the photo is as it was taken in the garden. The ground in my garden does not appear to be purple. Yet it show as purple.

Friday, June 26, 2009

To DO list-

Its vacation time. I have taken next week off from the day job. Yeahhhhhhhhh ;-)and the to do list is long. Start with learn Photoshop Elements. Yes I mean all of it. lol
So maybe I'll start with learn more about saving pictures in a proper size for the web. These two photos taken in my garden were saved at 25% and 10%. I could not find the 72 pixels that were suggested. But these options were. So give it a try. They do down load much faster and when you click to enlarge they show up better.
OK, now for the rest of my list
knit/design scarfs
knit/design hats
tend flower garden
paint-self portrait
paint flowers
paint faces
make jewelery
learn soldering for jewelery
design felt projects
day trips
clean house
sit on deck
watch the sunset
create journals
tend vegetable garden
learn how to add words to blog header
stain deck
clean car -perhaps before day trips
paint front door - pink, yes pink
find lost coffee mug-its in the yard some where
bring in truck loads of gravel for front yard
dust the house x2-this is Arizona

and while I have some extra time
solve world peace

oh yeah

Sunday, June 21, 2009

New Bracelet

Creating new bracelets for the fall shows. These are so fun to make. Still needs a few more dangles.

Not a lot of silver in this one.
I want to perfect my approach and technique a bit more first.

WhAt'S on tHE neEdLEs

cOLor on cOLor Scarf
by Kathryn Alexander from Scarf Style book
This is the second one I have made. The first one sold while I was sitting in Starbucks finishing weaving in the ends. A women saw it from across the room and it was sold on the spot. I never even got a picture of it. I still have quite aways to go on this one. This time I am trying to keep up with the weaving in of the ends. There are soooooooooo many, did I say sooooooooooo many.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Painting - Rabbit

Rabbit painting above is the cropped version of my original painting below. I like the cropping style. Especially faces. I may even try cropping the rabbit closer. After painting with many different styles and techniques I am beginning to prefer certain materials and styles which I can now begin to call my own. For one I prefer painting on fabric. And I think I prefer larger faces. Although I will try at least a few more smaller figures. All of this painting will be use and reused in my journals.
For some reason I can not explain it is hard for me to switch between mediums. From sewing to knitting to felting to painting to jewelery. Yikes :-). I've got so many journal idea's and jewelery what do do next.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Great Goodwill Find

This style is soooooooo not me. Yet here it is.
I think it came out really beautiful
Not bad as yard art either

Yes, it started out as this !!!!!!!!!!!!

'Tis Foundation Article

'Tis to open this Friday, June 19th.
I got a tour of the building last week and it is beautiful. The second and third floors are even more incredible than the main gallery.
The newsprint is so small it is hard to read. But the 5th paragraph down reads " There are still bullet holes up there. (meaning the ceiling) I left them there intentionally" That's Arizona.
Got ta love it. Good call Will.
They have all worked so hard and so long to bring the 'Tis Gallery, to the artists and the community.
Thanks so very much for your efforts.
The art quilt hanging in the upper right corner behind Will and Lynn, OH YEA that's mine :-).

Friday, June 12, 2009

Busy with faces

More journal face painting. Next
to paint the back covers. Learned
a bit more about painting the

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Face

Another face painting. This one is on canvas. And will become a journal cover.
I think I will also crop to use as embellishment inside journals.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Monday, June 8, 2009

Faces, Faces, Faces

A medium size face with arms. Not ready to try hands yet. I my do hands by pasting.
She is just on paper so will probably be an inside page rather than a cover. I still want to ad some embellishment and words.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

New Face Painting

Practicing more faces.
This time a small face. I love two styles. DJ Pettit's and Misty Mawn's. It was great that last year I was so fortunate to be able to take a class with DJ in Phoenix. I have not yet had the opportunity to take one with Misty. But I just jumped in on my own using articles in Cloth, Paper Scissors magazine of Misty's.

Self taught artist

I am a self taught artist
whether by choice or necessity I'm not sure.
Without quite conscious awareness, I thought that made me less than a "real" artist.
Not so anymore.
I have a new awareness and acceptance of myself not only as an artist but as a person. I am proud to say I am a self taught artist.
I did it myself :-)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Sidewalk Art and Poetry

I dream of a quiet man
who explains nothing
and defends nothing,
but only knows
where the rarest wildflowers are blooming,
and who goes,
and finds that he is smiling
not by his own will.
-Wendell Berry