Saturday, February 26, 2011

{be true art quilt}...

Below is the back label of the Be True Art Quilt.
As you can see from the pins on the binding I still need to do the hand stitching.
I've tried the "stitching in the ditch" method but it never looks all that great
on the back to me.  And I have to go really slow on the front to get it perfect.
So I am ok with doing the hand stitching.
 And the front. 
 I did choose to go more with the folded fabric shape for the dress.
I am so thrilled with being able to use one of my facing paintings on a quilt.
It's one of the many things I love about the Art Quilt.  So much is possible.
I just need more time to create all of the ideas and images I have in my head just
waiting to become an art quilt, journal or some other piece.  I still have many more face paintings ( I wish I had a better way to describe these paintings.  Portrait paintings seem  to formal and face paintings are not quite right either. ANYBODY have a better name)? Anyway, I digress.  
Another quilt with a face will have to wait a bit. What I have in mind for the next quilt
is of a single flower.  And it will not wait.
So before we get snowed in again I'm off to the quilt shop to check out some
fabric options.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Allowing the space
to take hold
and bloom

Thursday, February 17, 2011

{And the OWOH winner is}...

I am so glad I participated in OWOH again this year.  It was so nice to meet all of you who stopped by and
left a comment.  And some of you even became Followers.
I feel so blessed by these actions.  I just had to moved my Follower's badge down
to the bottom so that all of you can be seen.
 I am still exploring all of your blogs and have even add several to my blog list.

So without further ta do using the.Random Number generator
 the winner is
Laura at artworks studio 
Congratulation Laura
 I've sent her an email and will be getting her postcard in the mail as soon as I hear back from her
And thanks again to each and everyone of you who stopped by and left a comment
I had a wonderful time.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

{Late Night Musings in PSE}

Not really trying to complete anything worthwhile
Just trying to relax before bed.  I created this late night musing

{Gathering the Fabric and Creating the Patterns}...

Getting a new quilt shop in town helped in gathering enough
coordinating fabrics for the quilt.  But which ones for what?
Pinks and browns, blues or
blacks and grays with a bit of teal?

The teal wins!
 I tried out several body shapes.  I finally decided to go with just the upper body as
I would prefer the quilt not be long and skinny.  At least not this time.
I removed the wings from the original painting so that I could
add larger wings to the quilt surface.
Also with the magic of PSE I was able to change the background of the painting
to match the fabric nearly perfectly.  Now that's just plain cool.  I love it.
The body fabric when just laid down to get an idea of
the fabric combinations I want to use is not as curvy as the paper pattern
which I just might like better.  We'll see.
So now I just sit with it for a while longer as she continues
to speak to me before proceeding to cutting it all out.

Friday, February 11, 2011

{Art Portrait to Art Quilt}...

My newest portrait painting step by step. I paused in painting just
long enough to capture some shots for the progression the painting took.
Follow the photos to watch the digression of this finish painting

Next Up ~
 watch how I create an art quilt with her.
Click here for the quilt

Saturday, February 5, 2011

{Eco ~ Erosion Bundle #1}...

Something I have been wanting to try are Eco or Erosion Bundles. You can learn more about
these  Bundles here
My bundle is a base of muslin fabric which I had soaked in
Blood Orange juice I squeezed last week.
On the muslin I then placed dried leaves, evergreen berries, eucalyptus from the store, (which I hope will
do something because I don't have easy access to fresh eucalyptus), I then sprinkled 
some dried herb tea and placed bits of misc fabrics that were laying on the counter. 
 I then placed another piece of un-dyed muslin on top to help
roll it up without the contents spilling out.
I am also a welding artist, so I had some
pieces of a rusty star, a heart and  swirly shapes left
behind from other projects which I placed on top
before rolling the whole thing up.
All tied up and ready to be buried.

While we get more precipitation in the form of rain or snow
here in the mountains of Arizona.  It's still not all had much.
And it seems like the process would need some moisture. So I decided to bury mine
Here it is in the moist ground where it will remain until April. 
I forgot about some large
berries I picked off the ground in town last fall to experiment with as a dye for fabrics
so I just dropped a few in the ground under the bundle and I few more on top
before covering the whole thing up with the dirt.

So now I wait till April when I will dig it up to see what Mother Nature
and I created.