Friday, December 3, 2010

{Echo} Week 27-Branches...

Yet another two Echo posts in a row !!!!
Honestly, I am getting myself back to a simpler days.
I hope.   Yet tax season is just around the corner.
Oh well, we'll see.
In the meantime...
I've been working with several branch and tree photos for upcoming
fiber projects.  The photo above is one that I have printed on fabric along with
 a second one printed on sheer fabric.  So they are ready to go.  But into
what?  A quilt, a journal, a scarf?  I for one look forward to seeing what I do with it.

And my partner Marty's.  Which you can read more about on her
I really like the photo.  There is something about it's
composition or some unspoken quality that really
captures my imagination and draws me into it.

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