Sunday, December 12, 2010

{The Days of Christmas}...

Continuing with PSE Christmas photos.
 As I think back on the PSE photos I did last year at this time working
towards creating photos for my Christmas art journal I feel
I have gotten soooooooooo much better at it.
 I now have several which are lovely enough to last hopefully,
for generations.  So I can beginning to assemble the journal.
 In some cases it will be hard to pick which one to use
as is evident with these 3 photos of the same Christmas
tree my sister sent me last year
I will start by creating the front and back covers
before moving on to the inside photo journal pages.
While not forgetting the reason for the season
I think I would like to have a Christmas tree
on the cover.
These are definitely apart of the auditioning

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Becca said...

Oh Autumn, they are lovely! I'm still practicing with PSE9, so I hope I can learn to get some great results like this! You should be proud. I can't wait to see your finished journal.