Saturday, June 11, 2011


I got these hugh roses at a new local floral shop
The folks there are so nice and helpful.  The store has some really unique quality gift items as well.  (which I went back for the next day).  Anyway if you live local you should check it out. I went in to get some
Peonies but the color was not quite what I was hoping for - turns out it's a bit late in the season for them.
So they helped out by generously offering
three hugh pink roses instead. 
I took a bunch of photos (more to come later) including a couple for
another SP. 
It was early evening and the light inside was very low so I stood near the doorway to catch as much light as possible which created a backlight photo.  I was excited to work with it a bit so I took
just a few minutes this morning to see what I could come up with.  The backlight is my fave but while I
was at it I thought I would do the other at the same time.

But that's enough time inside.  It's great outside so I am off to play in the garden.

Till next time :-)

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