Sunday, June 20, 2010

{PSE7 Summertime Fun...}

After 5 hours!!!!!!!!
How fast the time flys.  Did I really spend that much time?
I saved the dried petals from the tulips my son sent me for Mothers Day
and sprinkled them on my front path.  I got down low in the early evening hours
when the sun was low and snapped a few shots.  I then add some layers that Nancy Donalson
over at all pulped out blogspot sent me.  Nancy also sent me a lovely package of
fabric, laces, papers, and lots of other ephermera that I will share with you later.
If you have never been to Morgue File check it out.  They have lots of
great photos you can use and they really are free.  Thats were I got the original
photo for this picture.  Then I added layers and played around with the setting and viola!
Another version of the same photo just with different blending modes.  I couldn't resist keeping this
one too, although, at the moment I am trying to create with yellows, whites and grays
for my art journal
A really great thing about PSE is
that you can use a really blurry, out of focus photo and get something beautiful and usable.
.Case in point is this photo from a magazine.  This vase of flowers was just a small part of the picture.  Enlarged by itself it is out of focus and blurry but after altering with layers, again using some of the layers Nancy sent me I have a photo I can use in my art journal.

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Kate said...

Way to go, Autumn! Your images are inspiring and beautiful!