Sunday, June 13, 2010

{Refreshing the old...}

Several years ago I made this steel sculpture, it was one of my first
attempts cutting and welding heavy steel.  It was also one of my first paintd pieces.
This photo shows the new paint job.  Below is an old
pic of the original paint. 
It was ugly even then but I kept it outdoors and wanted it to be somewhat rust proof
so I sprayed painted it.  It was all plain paint and I never really
like it.  But I liked the design so I kept it and moved it indoor hoping someday
I would be able to paint it more artistic.
Over the last several years I have been tring my hand at painting and
it looks like I am learning. :-)
Now with the new paint job it is as I first envisioned it.
(Yes, I have my own torch and mig welder)

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