Friday, June 11, 2010

{Life is Good...}

Hiking the Pevine Trail along Watson Lake    
We have a few "lakes" here in Prescott, AZ.  I say "lakes" with
a smile.  Coming from Michigan, the Great Lakes state sometimes the lakes here
are more like puddles and you can't swim in any of them.  What the @%*&! you can't swim
in them.  Go figure.  Anyway, after 26 years here I've learned to spend most of my time kayaking on them anyway.
And we can always dip our toes in them.
We diverged from the main trail.  Which I will always do.
 And find the secret treasures
on the path less taken.
The sun was bright so picture taking was not at it best

What with cows and my sister?
Her first rock climbing
We had a great view at the top.
One fine day
Next up:  Antiquing and Shopping finds

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Becca said...

Hi Autumn, great photos! That looks like fun and the water looks refreshing even if you can just stick your feet in! Looking forward to the antique shopping finds! Have a great weekend~