Sunday, July 4, 2010

{ Personal Art Journal part 2...}

It's jammed packed with all my favorite poems, photos, lace, mini books,
and surprises
This is the first journal I put two signature groups in.
As you may remember I was debating as to whether or
not to take out the spine I had already sewn in in order to add 
a larger one to accommodate the
two signatures.  Well I did.
And I am glad I did.

I may even be able to add a third
in between the two.
Again one of DJ's photos I purchased from her Esty site. (It's the
one on the right).  The one on the left is part of a photo
I purchased from a local artist.

A pair of  gloves I finally used.
Added stitching.  Front and back sides

The front cover.  Again with DJ's painting.  I've
saved for several years.

And the back cover

Coming Part 3


Sherry said...

I love to take pictures of my books standing on end like that - look like sculpture.

Caryl said...

Love love love.