Saturday, July 31, 2010

{echo} Week 19 ~ blur

{echo} Week 19 ~blur
My partner, Marty's photo is on the right and you can check out her post here.
It looks like her photo started out as one of those "ruined" ones too.

After reading Christi's post I thought about my own life and blur. 
As I looked though my photos I found many that were blurred and
under "normal" conditions or in the past blurred photos were consider no good.
Which I could relate to my own life.  Their is value in the parts of my
life that I may have original thought of as no good. 

Not so anymore. Just like all the blurred photos that now have a place of meaning
for this weeks prompt so too the events of my life.
Now I can honor those events and therefore myself in new and greater ways.

Who knew I would learn so much about myself from these prompts

Among those photos I found were many
like this
and this
and I played around with this one as a layer and came up with
and this (this is my favorite)
and this
from this original

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Martys Fiber Musings said...

Well said...well done, partner!