Tuesday, July 27, 2010

{Felted Wrap...}

Nuno Felted Wrapped for the Black and White Show
at Tis Gallery next month.
(When you mix black and white you get gray, right?)
Here it is finished and laid out flat
But before it's a beautiful  wrap. It
looks like this.
The fabric has small ribbon bows throughout so
I just laid down a light layer of alpaca.  My hope was that by just
laying down a thin layer it would allow
the bows to show through.  You never know
how it will come out until its done.  But it worked. :-)


Caryl said...

I am not sure what this is? But it looks interesting.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, Autumn,
the fabric wrap...
is ever so beautiful.
How pretty and graceful.
How absolutely elegant.

PS...is lovely...isn't it
just so much fun...I can't
seem to get enough of it.