Sunday, February 14, 2010

{New Alice in Wonderland Journal}

I have been wanting to create another Alice in Wonderland
About a year ago I create my first Alice journal.
Since then it has sold.
And although it was sold to a wonderful friend who gave it to her sister
as a gift ~ both real Alice lovers.
I have missed it.
So when I was wondering around the antique store the other day and
game across this rabbit head puppet I just knew
he was the beginning of the new Alice in Wonderland Journal.
I'm not sure how I will use it yet.
Whether it is use as a 3D piece or whether I take photos to use.
Either way he gets new cloths first.


Debby said...

Oh fun fun!! I would love to get around to making an Alice journal, can hardly wait to see what you make with the rabbit head, very cool. Happy Valentine's Day.

julietk said...

He's an interesting piece. I can imagine him stuck into a journal :-D I look forward to seeing your creative way of using him.