Monday, February 15, 2010

{What I Would Say... and What I Will Remember}

While blog hopping I came across this video.
My children are grown now.  And I can say I have few regrets.
The problems they have now are that of grown-ups and I sometimes need to wait
while they work through it themself.  And this can be hard as I can no longer fix it for them.
I am comforted in that they come to me when they are in need and I can still hold them in my arms and
comfort them and tell them it will be ok.
Because I know it will be.
My life has not been fancy and I don't have lots of money. 
But that does not matter because a great life is not defined by those standards
it is defined by this.  This is what matters.
Looks like my three columns is preventing the entire video beening shown
so here is the link or I have posted it at the bottom of this blog

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