Friday, May 31, 2013

{a fabric watch can you do that?}...

I haven't worn a watch in a number of years now.  Every time I put one on, within a short time, it would stop working. I would set it aside and low and behold it would start working again.
This happened with several different watches over many months.  So I just stopped.
The challenge for this watch was the Tie One On at TTAS (Textiles and Textures Artist Studio)
The idea is to use a necktie and create something.

So I took the point end of the necktie and used it as the base for my wrist wrap watch.
I added a digital watch face, some up cycled lace, scrape fabrics from the desk top, a couple of beads and a shabby ribbon for the tie on. 
SO what time is it?  As the watch show it's time to Play
I still have the other part of the tie.  And I have an idea for that too.
Another different wrist wrap altogether.

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