Sunday, June 2, 2013

{WIP~tree quilt progress}...

WIP ~ continues
Seems the working title is One Root.
I don't normally start out with the title in mind.  Because at some point
the piece usually tells me.  I will wait to see if the title continues to "explain" itself.
It's been through, shall I say a pruning.
I removed at least half, probably more, of the leaves I original had placed.  When I saw the photo from a couple of posts ago (which had been in the camera for a few weeks) I noticed that it looked better with the branches visible.  So I spent a couple of hours removing dozens and dozens of leaves, adding some pink leaves and cutting in some root shapes.  I am considering making the roots a bit 3 dimensional.
I'll revisit that after it's been quilted.
When I say I removed a lot of leaves, I mean a lot.  These will be showing up either in a lot of other projects and/or on the back of the quilt.  It does seem like a ready made opportunity
to add interest to the back of the quilt.  Many, many fallen leaves.
I think it's about ready to take down from the wall, get the back ready and start quilting.

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