Saturday, May 25, 2013

{Announcing My First Ever Workshhop and New WIP}...

Dear blog friends,
 I've been MIA (missing in action) for so long I hardly know what to say. 
But thanks for stopping back in.
All is well, I've just been trying to do less.
Relaxing, gardening, reading. 
Not a whole lot to blog about.  Or at least I didn't think so.
Then a couple of months ago I was asked to join a new Artist's Studio shop here in Prescott, AZ.  Well when I heard the name Textiles and Textures and met Debra and Nellie, the sisters who own the new shop I was excited and I jumped back in. 
So I'm practicing practicing balance.   
One of the things I enjoy about this new shop is that the artists can come in and work on their art right there.  The shop has only been open a couple of months so things are still just gearing up.
I've got a new quilt in progress.
Sorry the pic is not a better quality.  I took it with my cell phone.
But I think you can get the idea.
I'll take my real camera and get a better shop soon.
In the mean time...
If  you live local, or are visiting the Prescott area I invite you to stop in and watch the progress.
I am usually there on Fridays between noonish and 2.  Although not always.  Remember practicing balance.
It's already changed since I took this photo a few weeks ago.
Now here comes the tricking part in balancing, work, play, art, relaxing.
They offer regular workshops.  And yes, yours truly, has agreed to do one.
Yikes, my first, ever.
But I've been asked several times and well
it's just plain time to do it.  So here are the details.

Make your own Art Journal with Autumn Summerfield
Art Journal by Autumn Summerfield
Make your own Art Journal!
Saturdays 10am-Noon
June 15, 22 & 29 -- $75
Autumn Summerfield will share techniques for constructing your journal from fabrics, notions and ephemera. Explore your visual language. In essence an art journal is the combination of making art and journaling. It is a place to play and experiment with art materials in new ways. An art journal is a space for questions, a place for thoughts, a safe container for ideas. Enjoy the process while you listen to your art. Register in advance. Space limited. Techniques oriented for all skill levels. 928-227-2659 or to reserve your place.
And here is the outline for the 3 classes
from my flyer.  It think having the 3 classes is ideal. We could not possible hope to
complete an art journal in just one sitting.  No matter how long it was.
This way you will have a week to work on your journal pages and prepare
for the next class.
Of Cloth, Fiber, and Stitch
an art journal workshop
We all know what a book or journal should be.  In this workshop we will see what they can be.
I will show you the foundational techniques I use to create my art journals.  Then by repeating and changing up these techniques you will be able to create numerous pages where each is unique to your personal style.  This workshop is for anyone who has ever wanted to create an art journal, for those who have never created an art journal or for those who have kept a journal for a long time. 
Class 1- Covers… where it all begins
Using photos printed on fabric
Adding a pocket
Raw edge applique
Class 2 - Pages… adding text, layers and interest
Journaling with found poetry
Creating sheer pages
Using lace, gloves or dollies
Class 3 - Putting it all together… binding and adding dangles.
Creating a fabric spine
Attaching our pages to the spine
Adding 3 dimensional items and dangles

Well this post is done.
Does it really take an hour to post?  Or was it more.  Hope there are not too many typos.
Anyway I hope to be back soon.

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