Sunday, February 5, 2012

{WIP~Machine Stitched Poetry}...

Ever since I first saw stitched "writing" by Ruth Rae I have been
excited about trying it out for myself.
This is my first large scale attempt.
The peice measures 16x20.
The main poem is by Hafiz titled
 Then  using the existing words in the poem I created an additional poem by me.
Which I distingished from the Today poem by stitching those words on strips of fabric and applying them 3 dimensionally on top of the original words.
Below a close up of those lines
 I also plan to add additional 3d "flower" elements
as shown below.
 I will enclude the words to both poems when I show the completed piece.


Becca said...

Autumn, this is amazing! My free motion skills are not that great. This looks very difficult to do. Beautiful work!

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