Saturday, November 5, 2011

{"Captivating" - a book review}...

by John & Stasi Eldredge
 I  was just wandering, just looking through the bookstore for nothing in particular when I came
across the title -
It caught my attention.  I didn't buy it right then, though
 I kept thinking about it.  So after a week I went back and bought it.  The only problem was I grabbed the wrong Captivating by "accident".  After getting it home and looking though it I realized I'd bought the Captivating Workbook.  And after skimming though it and thinking about some of the questions it posed I went and got the book and read it with these questions in mind.  And I am glad I did.

In my first "Book Review" on one thousand gifts - by Ann Voskamp.
 I said that that book
could change your life and indeed it has changed my way of thinking about my life.  (I'm on 365)


In Captivating

I will tell you
that this book can help HEAL your life.
Possibly in ways you don't even know
need healing.
It will also show you a beauty, Your beauty, the beauty
of all women in a greater and more profoundly real way.  Possible in ways
you may ever have believed true.
These are things every female (and perhaps even as importantly every male) should have been shown and taught about herself. 

You will also begin to see why your beauty is so important to this world.
It will help you remember things about yourself. 
Things you already knew deep inside.
After read Captivating
you will never again look at yourself in the same way.
Anyway -
I think I might go back and re-read it and do the workbook along with it.  After all
I do have it.

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Thistle Cove Farm said...

For the past few days, I've been enjoying visiting your lovely blog. Now, I'm a follower and am looking forward to sharing this journey called life.
I've read this book and found it worthy of the time; it can, indeed, change lives.
It's now New Year's Eve; may the worst of 2012 be from the best of 2011.
Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm