Friday, October 7, 2011

{Nancy Donaldson's Texture Challenge}...

I know I've been gone awhile so busy, busy, busy.
But I got this texture challenge from Nancy Donaldson using her texture.
You can see her post on her blog here

Nancy's Texture

I used a shadow photo of myself which I took a couple of
months ago.  I caught the photo "op" by chance when I walked in my front
door early one morning.  The sun was shining directly behind me
where it created a shadow image of myself standing in my front doorway.   I have an old metal calendar hanging on the wall just inside the front door which created an interesting background.
I wasn't sure how I would use it but I really liked it and didn't dare miss this photo op.
So I took the photo and waited to see what would come up for it.
I added a boken photo layer and several blending modes and duplicate layers later I created this
It's the perfect color for my Erosion Bundle art journal
I'm in the process of putting together. 
I hope to be able to post that art journal soon.

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Becca said...

Hi Autumn! I need to get back and get caught up with what you are doing over here! This is every interesting, I love it. I am heading out to an appointment but I'll be back! Oh, do you have a FB page? I'm going to do a search. I now have a new FB page, Patina Moon.