Sunday, September 4, 2011

{Canvas Wrapped Photo}...

I had an opportunity to have a photo, canvas wrapped onto
a frame.  So I took it.  I just received it back and it's wonderful.
It's 16x20 made from a simple photo I sent them online.
Well, maybe not that simple of a photo.  I did present them with a bit
of what I would consider a placement challenge.  But they pulled it off without a hitch.
The wood is nicely sanded so the back of the art looks nice too.   I like the look plain canvas wrapped art gives and a home printer
can only go so large.  Canvas Dezign makes it easy to get a quality wrapped piece of art
made from one of your own photos.  Canvas Dezign can be found here if your interested. They also
gave me a 10% discount code that I can pass along to anyone who wants to give them a try.
Just enter code 93HEXWF35U at checkout.

I've got knitting on the needles, progress on my
Erosion Bundle art journal as well as what I'm reading coming up.

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