Saturday, August 28, 2010

{Windows, Windows and more Windows...}

So I had an idea.  Now that I have quilted and framed the little photo quilt
from this post.  Which I like well enough but it's not wow!
The photo is a door knob which is a part of a house.
I thought why not make the whole house.
I would make 3 separately framed quilts that would  be
hung together as a single house.
The bottom would represent the door
The middle frame would be a window
And the top triangular frame the roof.
So here are the candidates for the window quilt
This top photo, which was the last one I created has the lead at the moment
After creating the photo below I created this one which was the fave when I did it.
But after creating the top one I don't like this one so much.
These two were the first and last I created.  The photo above was
the one I liked best but I had a hard time getting much color in it.
After playing with the other two photos I came up with the one below.
Which has a close lead for favorite.  Later I may try and
sharpen it up a bit before I decide which one to go with.  OR not -
as this one  looks kind of dreamy
the roof photo will have to wait.  I need to get off this computer.
It's a love hate kind of thing

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