Friday, August 20, 2010

{new fiber experiments...}

So you might ask what is all the PSE about from
a fiber artist's blog?
This is why.  I am building a inventory of altered
photos to use in my fiber art.  The  altered photo from last
week has now been printed on a sheer fabric shown below.
As I am in the experimenting what if-ing stage and I didn't have
any freezer wrap on hand to adhere the sheer fabric to for
printing.  So I used an image transfer sheet instead.
It came out a bit raggy and was distorted after transferring
to the sheer fabric.  But it ironed out flat.  So all in all not to bad.
The raggy part has an appeal all to itself.  Which I like.

is the original altered photo transferred to cotton fabric, pieced
to create a mini art quilt top.
I usually print directly on the cotton fabric but again
experiment what if-ing with new things I did a transfer instead.
It does change the hand of the fabric more but again not
necessarily a bad thing for my purposes
 is the mini art quilt with the sheer fabric image laying over
the top of the cotton fabric image.
 This process is known as a holographic looking image.
I am not sure this is the best photo for this process as the original
photo already has sort of a ghostly affect to it.  The sheer may just
be too much.  Then again I haven't worked with this before so I'm
still not sure which I like best.
Either way I will be quilting the top here soon.

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Martys Fiber Musings said...

Love the effect you are getting. I have also done a little photo transfer into fabric to put into quilts, but nothing as wonderful as this. Keep on keeping on!