Friday, August 13, 2010

{echo} Week 20 - Splash

{Echo} Week 20 - Splash
Without advanced discussion on what photos my partner Marty, and I
were planning to use.  Imagine my delight and surprise when I saw
her chosen photo.
My photo is the top one. 
 My birds are shy about having their pictures taken
so at least half of them flew away before I could get the picture taken.
I have to fill this fountain a couple of times a day as my little
feathered friends SPLASH it all out.  They look like they are
having soooooooooooo much fun.

Here in the mountains of central Arizona water can be a bit
hard to come by.  Both for the birds and for photos needing the
theme of splash.

Stop by  Marty's site to see more about her photo

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