Saturday, March 27, 2010

{Using PSE Altered Photos...}

It's always fun to come up with new ideas for using my altered photos
...or scary
This is part fiber part papers and paint.
I used one of my altered photos printed on fabric
and glued (thats the scary part) to canvas.
Being mainly a fiber artist I have never been sure
about gluing or using matte medium on top
of fiber work. You lose the tactile feel that fiber art has.
So I started by experimenting with smaller pieces of fabric before
jumping into some larger pieces

I like how it displays on the windowsill
Although it won't work in the summer time.


julietk said...

That looks classy, the Photo graphic is very effective on fabric, What glue did you go with in the end? I find if I am careful to spread it thinly with a brush a good PVA is just fine for fabric.

starseasons said...

thanks for the glue tip. I have not found anything I am happy with. So I'll try the PVA like you suggested.

Kate said...

That is really gorgeous. It looks like it was a success to me!

Debby said...

I love this piece, gorgeous.

Becca said...

Absolutely beautiful Autumn! Love the colors, is this on a canvas? I love that you use the PS creations in other areas of your art.

starseasons said...

Yes this in on canvas. My first attempt at using fiber/collage art on canvas