Saturday, March 20, 2010

{A slight alteration to the way ahead...}

...continuing with PSE
inspite of my wanting to get in the projects for these photos.
  If I ever stop opening up PSE I might get something else done.
As my inventory of photos grows so too will the art used with them.
I like these square shapes.  They are more likely to be use in my fabric art journals then postcards
and other fabric art.  Which I do need.  I am want to experiment in using these on mounted canvas.
Not sure which color I like best.


Anonymous said...

And I love your blog much so I had to place a link on my blog so I could visit often which I do as I so love your pretty artwork! Its so fun to know you my ARTful Friend! Blessings Eden

Anonymous said...

and i like them both but maybe I like the white image more...and i too get so very caught up in editing my photos...but it sure is fun isn't it!