Saturday, September 1, 2012

{last hurrah for summer flowers}...

" they" say Summertime is coming to it's  official end this weekend.
But our temps are still well into the 80's  (which is a very summertime heat) and yes the wild sunflowers are in full bloom.  But I'm not quite ready to bring in the yellow sunflowers.
So after bring in some fresh cut Echinacea flowers.  I shot a few photos of the old dried
Echinaceas.  Then spent too much time playing with them in PSE.  But I enjoyed every moment
of it.  I haven't been in PSE much this summer so it was time well enjoyed.
There are sooooo many choices in photo editing and I always wonder why I am so attracted to
whatever it is I see in them that is so beautiful to me.  Why this combination of layers?   Rather than another?   So when I came across the following quote from Carl Jung.  I knew I was not alone in my wondering.  And that there must be something to it.
Trust that which gives you meaning
 and accept it as your guide. ~ Carl Jung
Now if I just knew where is was guiding me!

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