Sunday, September 23, 2012

{continuing pages for Christmas Art jOURNaL}...

A few page options for my Christmas Journal.
I've included a couple of magazine pictures I have been saving to use in the journal
along with a couple of altered photos.
 The page below includes more personal Christmas items.  Along with one
of the same magazine photos.
I plan to use one of these 1st two photo layouts as the first page in the journal. Then beginning with page 2 I will
begin the family photo pages interspersed with all sorts of non tradition page sizes and items.
The 2 photos below are from the box I packed these ornaments in last year.
 I'm not sure which of these photos I perfer.
But I think they will be on the inside back cover.
Before I can assemble the pages I will need to decide what will be on the outside back cover and page 2.  I have begun the first of the family photos from 1972.  But haven't any idea about the back cover yet.
But enough time has been spent on this for now.
I didn't get enough takers for my photo challenge to do a post.  But if Eden still wants to send hers I will post it.  Thanks Eden, maybe next time more will join it.  I think maybe you have to have hundreds of viewers for a challege to work.

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