Sunday, July 8, 2012

{OMG I don't even recognize blogger}...

When I did my last post I didn't know I would be gone sooooo long.
I've been doing more home decor projects and gardening then art of late and
I've also been doing a lot of reading and contemplation this summer.  Just relaxing. 
But I've got the collage show coming up in August at
The Raven Cafe here in Prescott.  I wanted to do at least one fiber piece for the show.
So I ask by looking at the photo below what could all this mess I mean layers be?
 This is how it all starts.  Collage means layers so...  Grab a bunch of fabric for the collage layers,
rip them into strips, mix in a few thoughts and then lay them all out into some kind of
cohesive whole.
Below is the result.  This project sort of took hold of me and wouldn't let go until
I completed it.  Whenever I tried to go in another direction nothing worked.
I spent a whole day trying to go another direction and at the end of the day
I had nothing.  It felted like such a waste of time.  
But in the morning it was clear that this is what I needed to complete before
moving on.
 I kept the edges raw, a layer, which seemed a bit odd for such a large piece.
But I got over it.
I've gotten comfortable with loose threads and raw edges for my art journals
but this was different.  Or at least I thought it was thinking you "shouldn't"
have raw edges and threads.  But it would have been a very different look if I had seamed
all the edges.  I would not have liked it nearly as much.
I'd love to hear your thoughts on the raw edges.
 Close ups
It reads
...and just when
you think the whole world is going to implode
from hatred, separateness, and fear
when light, liberty, and sacredness are missing
their are still  those who will see the beauty
who will act with kindness
who will live with hope and gratitude
these are the souls that carry
the entire planet

I've put this thought into my own words which I've adapted
from a quote I read from Tut Notes from the Universe
Like I said I've been spending time contemplating things lately
and this just took hold of me.

Now I need to keep blogging.  I feel so out of it.

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Becca said...

Hi Autumn, welcome back! It's so good to "see" you in blog land again. Sounds like you've been busy and enjoying time...Looking forward to more of your collages!