Sunday, July 22, 2012

{da vinci for everyone}...

While we have all heard of and know Da Vinci's art.
I have never felt his art before.
To feel so connected to his art and perhaps even Da Vinci himself was unexpected.
But that's what happen.  I had spent several hours (it's been raining again) working in PSE
with two of my favorite images of his.  And when I had finished and stepped back
to look at the finished pieces this art felt like it was real and alive in my live.

Head of Madonna
Female Head
After all these centuries, his art is available to everyone.  So dare I say,
I hope he would approve.   


Marty Mason said...

What a delight to see what you've artist you! I know he would be proud ~

EdenClare said... the texture, lettering, and borders...beautiful compositions!