Sunday, October 30, 2011

{Erosion Bundle Art Journal part 6?}...

3D butterflies attached to the page.

And how it looks as part of the center spread in the book.
 Two more pages in the process.  I did add the shadow photo to
the journal.  The colors were so perfect I couldn't pass it up. 
A close up of the "lace" I made. It was an idea
I thought I would try out. I like it for a first try.
Hopefully you can see the flowers in it.
And it's facing page quote.
These last two pages include the beautiful dress
photo I featured on the cover of a recent art journal a few posts back.
 Again the color was a good match.
Well that's another 6 pages assembled.  I think I have approximately
4ish more to assemble before I focus a bit more on the embellishments

Monday, October 24, 2011

{Playing with the Falling Leaves}...

Enjoying autumn leaves by making a pumpkin festival garland.
A photo op with the leftover leaves scattered on my front steps
that I used for Nancy's Texture Challenge which you can see here on Tuesday night.
We don't get a lot of falling leaves here in Arizona so I had to go hunt some down and
brought them home where I thought they looked so quaint on my front porch.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

{Erosion Bundle Project part 5?}...

While I still have a lot of pages to create I thought I would give
you a bit of a peek into the creation of this art journal.
One of the page spreads so far. 
In order to allow the Erosion Bundle fabric to be a dominate feature in this journal I'm going to keeping the layering limited.
The sheerish layered fabric on the right was dyed in blueberries to blend with the
original bundled fabrics coloring. 
 Currently this page will become the cover.
Again I took the commercial printed fabric and dyed it in blueberries.
This spread has been embellished with embroidery stitches representing
the fields and roadside niches of tiny yellow flowers that are everywhere here this time of year.  They
are so spectacular.  I spent the day just walking barefoot in them.  And as you can
read from the poem on the left I was not the only one enjoying it. 

It reads

Forget not that the earth delights
to feel your bare feet,
 and the winds long
to play with your hair.

                                              ~Khalil Gibran

Friday, October 7, 2011

{Nancy Donaldson's Texture Challenge}...

I know I've been gone awhile so busy, busy, busy.
But I got this texture challenge from Nancy Donaldson using her texture.
You can see her post on her blog here

Nancy's Texture

I used a shadow photo of myself which I took a couple of
months ago.  I caught the photo "op" by chance when I walked in my front
door early one morning.  The sun was shining directly behind me
where it created a shadow image of myself standing in my front doorway.   I have an old metal calendar hanging on the wall just inside the front door which created an interesting background.
I wasn't sure how I would use it but I really liked it and didn't dare miss this photo op.
So I took the photo and waited to see what would come up for it.
I added a boken photo layer and several blending modes and duplicate layers later I created this
It's the perfect color for my Erosion Bundle art journal
I'm in the process of putting together. 
I hope to be able to post that art journal soon.