Sunday, August 14, 2011

{what ifing and my erosion bundle}...

I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to do something with my erosion bundle.
Nothing seems to get me excited about using it.
So back in the pot it went.  This time with some of the blueberries
left over from my smoothie.
First I boiled the blueberries
then left the fabric to soak in the pot for a few hours.
This time I'm letting it hang and dry for a few days before rinsing it.
As I've been having trouble keeping much color in the cloth.

I really love the color.  But I haven't rinsed it yet.
SO we'll see how much color stays in.
I like these top two best. I had already treated the fabric for printing before
deciding to do the blueberry soak.  So what if ,   what if I left the treated fabric alone.
I did and so far I'm glad I did.

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Katie said...

When in doubt, keep playing with it! Love the color you got! Can't wait to see what you create too.