Monday, July 4, 2011

{the pages}...

In no particular order.
I've used a bit of the erosion bundle fabric on the edge.
 I think these little wires make for some
really cool hair

I really like these little wires.  I could have used them on every page.
 The cover
 and the back of the book.

I'm almost ready to finishing binding the journal.   I just want to add a few blank
pages for personal journaling and a few surprise pages.  All in all I think there should be about 19 pages including the front and back covers.


Becca said...

Wow oh wow I love this! Is that face painted on muslin or canvas then scanned on to fabric? Beautiful!

Autumn said...

Hi Becca, The face is a painting I did a least
a couple of years ago. I painted it on heavy weight canvas from the fabric store. Back then I think I would have just taken a photo of it and then printed it on a cotton fabric. If you look close you can see it was a bad print job. It's got lines run down it. But it worked for this grungy small size journal.